About Higher Edutech

Hi, I’m Greg, a biology professor with an interest in educational technology. I put this site together to share what I’ve been learning while trying to be a better university educator.

A bit of personal background: while I have traditional academic training (PhD, postdoc), I went into the biotech industry after my postdoc, and didn’t become a full-time academic until the second half of my career. While I had taught a few classes as an adjunct faculty member over the years, when I became a full-time academic I took an immediate interest in quantifiable ways to improve my teaching and student learning. This led me to a long interest in educational technology, an interest that has served me well in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now that we are all “used to” pandemic teaching and learning, I’ve been thinking about what we can get out of it, and what we will keep from it afterwards. You can join me here, on Twitter, and on YouTube to be part of the conversation.